2014  Active bending dome

2014  Viilu. Actúa UPM

2013  Sociocultural centre. Reinosa

2013  Workplace of the future

2013  The dwelling of the future

2012  Public equipment with heliport

2011  House AyP

2011  Headquarters

2010  Loft 70m2. III design contest

2010  A house in Luanda

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2009  Asaction. Urban trees

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2008  Urban furniture. Foro da madeira

2008  Rural equipment. Foro da madeira

2008  Leonor's corner. Soria

2008  Housing industrialization_INVISO

2008  Gran Vía 69 office

2007  National Award_Architecture in Wood

2007  13 public housing c/Betetas. Soria





Leonor's corner. Adequacy of archaeological ruins next to Santa María la Mayor

Soria government

July 2008

Competition. Selected project


The city of Soria poses a competition for the integration within the urban fabric of the archaeological ruins found near the apse of Santa María la Mayor.

The place is located where Plaza Mayor joins the bottom part of the city. The action should serve as a pivot point and attraction. The ruins are protected by a white lightweight metal cover getting the less possible alteration of the field where anthropomorphic tombs and wall structures of the remains of the church are located.

This cover fits the topography to be walkable so we can see the ruins from above when the facility is closed. The new square finish surface is placed within the urban environment as a turning point or even arrival for the movement of people from Collado street.